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The Coffee House on Water Street

The Coffee House


You may not know. The Henderson’s Writers Group meets here every other Monday or so.

They have a great menu that no one can beat. Homemade cookies, brownies, and more. The atmosphere is eclectic and fun. The staff is more than helpful, they are excellent and exceed all expectations of Customer Services.

Breakfast and Lunch are their niche in food for the foodies. Ah. But don’t forget their array of coffees. Classics like the regular coffee or espresso base, exotics and of course teas and soda. Don’t forget to get a homemade brownie.

The Coffee House is very community minded. They have events all week long.

Monday nights – Henderson Writer’s Group

Tuesday – Young Poets Revolution

Wednesday – Comedy Night

Thursday – Regae Night

Friday – TGIF Open Mic Night

Saturday – Open Mic Night

Sunday – Check for details.

Come one, come all to have a great time.

The Coffee House on Water Street

117 S. Water Street

Henderson, NV 89015


Judy Logan’s Interview with


Book-club interview:  Jean Camilleri of Plymouth, MA, and her book-club members, invited and hosted Judy Shine Logan for a book-review and conversation on Judy’s recent novel: “Shelter Me: When friendship is all that remains.”

Prior to the event, Judy sent directive questions to the group to stimulate thoughts and facilitate conversations on the novel and its content: widowhood and domestic violence.

The group members were very lively and vocal, and many important insights and learning moments were shared by all.

At the end of the two hour meeting, and despite the serious topics that Shelter Me presents, everyone said they thoroughly enjoyed the time spent together. 

Judy Shine Logan

Idaho Writer’s Guild


Registration for the 2014 Idaho Writers and Readers Rendezvous is now open! Click hereto register online using Eventbrite.

We’re the Idaho Writers Guild – offering professional networking and educational opportunities as diverse as the writers who join it. Our membership reflects all genres and mediums.

We’re a community-based literary arts organization promoting education and literacy in the community by hosting public programs and projects, including author readings, workshops on a broad spectrum of topics, writing contests, and conferences of interest to writers and readers of all genres.

Writers of all genres are eligible for membership. Members receive discounts to IWG workshops and events, and an online newsletter. Roster members, additionally, are sent requests that IWG receives for paid work and speaking engagements. Learn more about the benefits of joining IWG.

Four Things Writers Can Learn from Fairy Tales

Four Things Writers Can Learn From Fairy Tales (Besides Never Eat The Free Apple)

Everyone has a favorite fairy tale. Who could resist a story with a winning hero, a dastardly villain, and everything turning out for the best at the end? But fairy tales are more than simple stories with pat conclusions. There are some very good reasons why these bedtime stories are enduring classics. Here are four fundamental elements found in every time-tested fairy tale that can help you create your own unforgettable stories.

Four Fairy-Tale Fundamentals For Writers

A worthy main character. Your main character should rouse the reader’s concern. Consider good-hearted, trusting protagonists like Cinderella and Snow White, who don’t deserve the treachery that is about to befall them; or innocent Hansel and Gretel, abandoned in the woods, tugging at your heartstrings as they try to find their way home. And how could you not feel sorry for the poor little Ugly Duckling? Capture your readers’ sympathy and they’ll be fully invested in the story’s outcome.

Many fairy tales feature characters using clever ways to outwit their adversaries. Thumbelina overcomes the obstacles of her size by finding inventive ways to use objects around her. The shrewd tailors who fashioned the Emperor’s new clothes made something out of nothing (literally!). Readers enjoy identifying with ordinary characters who find extraordinary ways to rise above life’s unexpected hurdles. Tip: A three-dimensional character will definitely appeal to readers’ modern tastes!

A fiendish villain. Give readers an antagonist they’ll love to hate. Evil queens may inspire you to write about authority figures who abuse their power. Everyone despises wicked witch characters who put defenseless children in peril. Introduce your own version of a big, bad wolf or a repulsive troll living under the bridge, and put your hero or heroine in imminent danger. A detestable villain and the unbearable suspense he or she creates will keep your readers anxiously turning the pages.

A fantastic setting. Instead of taking place in a typical apartment complex, perhaps your narrative is set in a medieval castle. Your big-city heroine might have more interesting adventures in a forbidden forest. By introducing a unique setting, you can give your story a fresh atmosphere that will pleasantly surprise readers.

An unexpected plot twist. The Ugly Duckling becomes a beautiful swan. The last billy-goat gruff is large enough to easily give the bridge troll his comeuppance. And a princess has a sleepless night on multiple cushy mattresses over a single pea. Having an unanticipated turn of events for your story’s ending will make your writing compelling, interesting, and, ultimately, unforgettable.

Once upon a time, an author wondered how to write a story that would win the hearts of readers. A wise, writerly fairy godmother advised the author to incorporate these four elements found in many timeless fairy tales. The story was well-written, enjoyed by all, and the author became a success. And everyone lived happily ever after!

Photo by PVCG


Writer QuestionsQUESTION: What’s your favorite fairy tale?

This article has been reprinted with the permission of Writer’s Relief, an author’s submission service that has been helping creative writers make submissions since 1994. Their work is highly recommended in the writing community, and there are TONS of freebies, publishing leads, and writers resources on their website. Check it out!

Writer’s Who Love Music



Amy Nelson President of a music website in Las Vegas is trying to find ambitious writers who love music and love writing about it.

The website’s tagline is “Positivity Through Music” so the goal is to support music with a positive message or vibe, and to also support musicians who are doing positive things in their community.

If you’re interested in contributing to the website. Please contact Amy Nelson for more information.

Tucson Festival of Books by Judy Shine

Tuscan Festival of Books

Tucson Festival of Books.  The sixth annual Tucson Festival of Books, sponsored by the Book Committee, the University of Arizona, and the Arizona Daily Star, was held on 3/23 and 3/24.

Henderson Writers’ Group members Maxwell Alexander Drake, Marion G. Harman, and Judy Shine Logan shared a sales booth, while an estimated 90,000 visitors came to the festival to look at 450 authors’ work and buy a few.

Many famous authors were there, also, and presented workshops as well as book-signings: Sandra Day O’Connor, Scott Turow, J.A. Jance, Luis Urrea, Larry McMurtry, Dr Andrew Weil, etc.

It was an incredible experience and I sold fifteen books.

Judy Shine Logan

Tuscan Festival of Books

Swag Bags




Attendees have the opportunity to place their marketing items in the Swag Bags that are given to the attendees. This is to promote your books, services, and or direct them to your websites.


Business Cards – Your personal website, your book’s website, your company’s website, your blog, etc.

Gifts with logo – pens, cups, mugs, mousepads, etcs.

A book’s first chapter.

A poem and address to your website.

A flyer with your books information.

A brochure.

Whatever it is, make sure it points to your company, website, books, etc.  Contact me and we can make arrangements to pick or drop them off.

Interview with Renni


I had the delighted pleasure of Interviewing Renni.

How old were you when you first explored eroticism?

Perhaps it was when a Teacher taught me about my body, touching and pressing as he did, until my body tingled. But this was for education’s sake, you see. It could have been when a Young Woman touched me as we rode cross-country in a carriage. Yes, I remember now! It was when I worked for the Madam and Master, in a grand home. They used me for their pleasure at night, never allowing me to move or reciprocate. Yes, it was quite enticing. It makes me shiver, even today.

What are the dynamics of your family?

My childhood was fun, happy, blissful, and filled with love and caring. Mother sang to me and Father was my strength. Unfortunately my parents died when I was 13 and 14. I truly feel their love, tenderness, and stability gave me the power to set out on my own. They instilled a steadfastness in me. I also think this gave me fortitude to stand up to many unique experiences, with strength, courage, and hope.

 Do you have a special someone in your life? A best friend, or a very good lover.

When I purchased a mansion, my neighbour, the Scot, became a close companion and staunch ally. He helped me enter into the affluent community through a rather unusual introductory party. Of course, there was much touching but that is another story.

A lover? Oh my yes, my Dark Gypsy. He is grand, you know. Tall, cafe au lait colored skin, strong hands, and his eyes are round and the darkest brown. He had kidnapped me, initially. Oh yes, that’s true. But he fell in love with me. I think he was in awe of my innocence when I was first held captive in his cabin. He was my first true lover and the love of my life. We laugh when we think of how he made me sleep on silks, naked in front of the fire.

You started very poor, and now you’re extremely rich beyond comprehension. How did you manage that?

Some force made me turn to the Teacher who taught me to read about the world, and about my body. Due to this education, I went out to work. There I met and elderly of gentlemen. When I lost my position at work, he took me into his home. I did not know that he had willed everything he had to me, and had monies put into trusts, all in my name. Please understand, I had been kind to him and carried out his every wish. Some were rather odd, especially in bed, but he was so good to me. It was the least I could do.

I know you have traveled extensively. What is your favorite place.

How odd, I have traveled around the world. I have been with men and women of every color and race. I accepted their ways, tasted much of their lives, and kissed them goodbye. In the end, when I returned home, I was more content than anywhere else. The Dark Gypsy is in my bed, our dear neighbours meet us there at various times, and we give the most interesting parties!  Yes, home is by far the best.

What are your favorite sweets?

This must be toffee! This is a great sweet. As hard as it may be at first, if you hold it in your hand, it softens. You can run your lips over it, form it into any shape, and meanwhile relish in its flavour.


Who was your most unusual encounter?

Oh my, that must be the Medicine Man. During my travels around the world, I was on a ship with a black tribe. Their Chieftain did an unmentionable act with me and was shunned. I felt it was my fault and turned myself over to his Medicine Man, to absolve the Chieftain of this transgression. The Medicine Man put me through the rigours of pleasure and pain. Yes, I passed the intriguing test but was left with dark markings along the backs of my legs and higher. It was for the good. It saved the Chieftain’s life.

 Where do you see yourself in the future?

Ah, there is a secret. Yes, I have a secret and it will only be known in the future, in another story.


Andres Fragoso, Jr.


Lauren Tallman book Erotic Tales of Renni

The Perfect Notebook for Writers

for cafepress square


The Writer’s Sidekick Notebooks are designed for beginning and advance writers, that have a hard time keeping their notes in one placed. Each one is specifically designed to hold ideas, thoughts, and notes in a specific order and in an easy fill-in-the-blank format for whatever project you are currently working on. These notebooks are easy to use, they are written in a step-by-step format from the start of your idea to getting it published.

The Writer’s Sidekick Series provides sections to complete your craft. Each section is divided to help you with concept, title, plots, characters and more. As well as chapter outline by acts to help create your story. You also have sections where you create your biography, synopsis, critique, editing, and submissions. We did not forget about the front, back cover, or if you decide to submit to a publishing house, we help you with your query and submission. On the other hand, if you go through self-publishing we have a section for that as well.

By Andres Fragoso, Jr.

The Erotica Writers Group


The first Erotic Writers meeting was held in Lauren’s home. Andres Fragoso, Douglas Davy, and Tami Ferrigno attended.
It was intimate, allowing everyone to read their work, have informative and creative critiquing, and have long discussions about writing this delicate topic.
The next meeting will be held later on April 22, due to the Passover holiday.
Anyone wishing to attend should please get in touch with Lauren through lauren.tallman@gmail, or speaking to her at the weekly HWG meetings.
All the best, and keep writing!