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Flying without a net

One woman’s review of one extraordinary man’s exceptional memoir.


FLYING WITHOUT A NET by, Vital Germaine.


Recently released, Vital Germaines memoir, Flying without a net, flew right into my heart and there remains, warming my soul.


Flying Without A Net “The true story of a boy who defies all odds and runs away with Cirque du Soleil” lays the author’s truth bare and allows the world to see his boo-boos, along with his amazing strength and beauty.


In Cirque du Soleil, Vital preformed gallantly through the pain. The pain of a childhood lost, no, more devastated than lost, as well as physical pain.


His greatest accomplishment may be that through his childhood, his manhood, and thousands of performances in the air, he did not quit. Vital never gave up. He was determined to fly, with or without a net.


Born in 1964 to an African mother and a Caucasian father, Vital’s life started amidst a raging civil war in the Belgium Congo. His family managed to escape when Vital was six months old. They later settled in London where his mother, a talented woman, took a job at the New Congolese Consulate. Instead of being proud of his wife, Vital’s father begrudged her success and became increasing jealous and controlling. Eventually dad ended up in jail and his mom’s drinking escalated. Vital and his siblings were lost children, abandoned and brokenhearted.


Vital held onto hope longer the rest. He was sure he would soon be reunited with his mom, whom he adored, he told himself that the seventies would be better than the sixties. Sadly there would be no family reunion, instead young Vital was placed in a home for children.


Vital excelled in school and made friends but continued to long for his mother, his family, his life. After several years in different homes, he’s shocked when his long gone father comes for him and hopeful that his chaotic life might be about to change for the better.


Instead, the years with his father and his father’s new family prove to be the most challenging years of this young man’s life. The years with his abusive father were life changing, filled with lies, racism and sad sick behavior.


Still, Vital Germaine held on and did not give up. Yes, he ended up, in the circus, but, truth be known, he was born into one. Cirque du Soleil gave Vital worth and the family he so desired and deserved.


Now, he gives a piece of his huge and courageous heart to each of us who read Flying Without A Net.” I realized after I sat my copy of Vital’s memoir down, having gluttonously devoured every page, every word, that as long as we don’t give up, as long as we hold onto hope, we are never without a net.


Hope is our net.

Thanks Vital for teaching me this life changing lesson. Now, Fly!

Toni Pacini – Albama Blue, you can find her at

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Writer’s Bloc VI

Writer's Bloc VI Henderson Writer’s Group

2014 Anthology Submission

For Writer’s Bloc VI

What to Submit:  Your one (1) edited work of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or a teaser from your novel

How to Submit: Email your completed submission to — HWG Secretary Audrey Balzart at

Formatting Guidelines

No more than 4,000 words   –   Word Document (Word97-2003 or later, electronic format only)  –  One (1) ince margins all around  –  Double-spaced  –  Times New Roman or Courier 12pt font  –  Work should include a Header with the Work Title and Page Numbers (may include author’s name)

Cover Page with: Author’s Name  –  Title of Work  –  Type of work (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, teaser)  –  Word Count.   The cover page can be part of the work’s document or a separate Word document – NOT just in the body of the email.  Do not add the words from the cover to the work’s overall word count.

Submissions not following these guidelines will be returned and can be resubmitted if they meet the deadline.

DEADLINE – Midnight of Monday, October 27th, 2014

Paul Atreides

Paul AtreidesPaul Atreides (author and playwright) took up writing to amuse himself after losing his job in Civil Engineering during the economic downturn. He has since parlayed the hobby into a paying career.

He is currently a theatre critic and writes “Offstage,” a monthly column, for the Las Vegas Review-Journal, a major newspaper with a daily circulation of 160,000+.

Prior to that his column, “Vegas Backstage,” appeared in Night Beat, a local monthly magazine, and numerous articles have been published in a variety of periodicals.

His first two-act stage play, Phallusies, premiered in Las Vegas, Nevada to good reviews, receiving Las Vegas City Life’s “Pick of the Week,” and most recently played to sold-out houses in Nashville, Tennesee.

After submitting his ten-minute play, Fusion, to the 9-11 Museum in New York City as a possible live performance piece, he was invited to post it to the Artist’s Registry in written form until filming can qualify it for installation as an exhibit within the museum.

His debut novel, (Marvin’s) World of Deadheads, (a paranormal romantic comedy that Publisher’s Weekly called “Ghost meets The Hangover.”) advanced to the semi-finals of the Amazon Breakout Novel Award. PW Select, the quarterly magazine of Publisher’s Weekly, listed it in “102 Self-published novels agents, publishers, and Hollywood should take a look at.” Consequently, there have been several inquiries into the film rights to the novel.

Rosalie’s Best Christmas, Heirlooms of Misfortune and other short stories have been published in anthologies.

Paul has over 30 years of theatrical experience having produced and directed, both as an avocation and professionally, winning numerous awards along the way for plays as diverse as Master Class, Something’s Afoot, Biloxi Blues, and Accomplice. His work garnered him a nomination for the Nevada Governor’s Arts Awards for Leadership in the Arts and he was a Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce finalist for Leadership in the Arts, 2004.

He is currently working on a World of Deadheads sequel, editing a novel about domestic violence titled Monster in the Shadows, and writing Sins of the Fathers, a new drama for the stage.

You can follow his blog by visiting his website:

Keep up with him on Facebook:

Follow him on Twitter: @atreides_paul


Stephanie Marston



Do You Have Funny Story?

Have you done something that was dumb but really funny?  We all have.  And now Stephanie Marston, Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Empowered Woman’s Soul is seeking stories for Girls Gone Stupid:  Dumb Things Smart Women Do.  Now you have an opportunity to contribute to this new series by sharing your humorous, true-life experiences.

What makes a good Girls Gone Stupid story?

Girls Gone Stupid story is a humorous, true story, that tickles your funny bone or makes you laugh out loud. It’s a story about something you’ve done that later makes you smack your head and laugh at yourself. (It can even be a funny story about someone else.)

Chapter headings will include dumb things women have done Working Stupid, Inspired Stupidity Around the House, Stupid In Love or Lust, The Gift of Stupidity, Silliness In The Great Outdoors and Around the Globe, Public Displays of Stupidity, On the Web or Social Media, Idiocy With Kids, With Your Pets, The Art of Stupidity, Fiascos With Family & Friends, Random Acts of Dumbness and Stupid Things Guys Do.  Anecdotes should be fun-loving–the more outrageous the better, but keep it clean and “printable.”

If you have a humorous life experience and would like to be included in Girls Gone Stupid:  Dumb Things Smart Women Do, please email stories to The maximum word count is 1200 words. There are no limits on the number of submissions.  There will be a $20 honorarium if your story is used.  Stories must be received no later than December 15, 2014.

PS:  You can write your story anonymously is that’s more comfortable!!

Stephanie Marston, MFT

Founder 30 Days to Sanity, LLC

Best-Selling Author Stress/Resiliency Expert and Consultant


505-660-7868 cell

Membership Dues

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Membership Dues are coming up August 1, 2014 for the upcoming year.  Please go or

We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting, we have many great events coming up.  Please check the HWG blog and newsletter on the webpage for all new information.  Membership includes:  Promotional opportunities, reading and critiquing, all guest speakers, conference discount of $50.00 off, so it pays for itself.  Best of all, you have the support of like minded fellow writers, authors and invaluable connections and education on perfecting your craft no matter what Genre’.


Hi Henderson Writers Group,
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Amanda L. Barbara | vice president | |

Resident Fellows Program



Resident Fellows Program

Sitka, Alaska, United States

The Island Institute hosts month-long collaborative residencies that allow writers and artists the opportunity to pursue their work while living in an engaging community set in the coastal mountains and rainforest of Southeast Alaska.

The Island Institute is seeking applications from two participants who wish to pursue a collaborative project, or two participants who each have individual projects and who anticipate synergistic benefit from each other’s presence. At least one of the applicatns must be a writer with an interest in the Island Institute’s scope of work. The second applicant may also be a writer, or he or she may work in another field.

Residents are provided furnished accommodations and a $500 stipend toward food costs. All other costs, including travel to and from Sitka, are the responsibility of the residents.

Down Under by K Ray Katz

Down Under

Down Under

by K Ray Katz

WW II is about to start as a new fleet submarine leaves for the Philippines via Cape Town. Bill Cullison, the Captain, meets Dusty, a red head from Australia and knows she is for him. War breaks out and he is diverted to the Red Sea as his boat starts to have mechanical problems. He stages a dangerous attack on a German port and sinks several ships as his problems increase. He fights the Japanese and orders from Pearl wondering who is going to be responsible for killing his crew. 
Adventure follow him and Dusty in Australia and on a dangerous mission against a Japanese invasion fleet.


Meet Judy Salz

I’m a semi-retired internist, born and raised in Manhattan, moved to Los Angeles and practiced there. I retired to Las Vegas in 2001, but full retirement was short lived. Boredom set in, so I am still active part-time in the practice of medicine. Passions include motherhood (my daughter is 27), choral singing (I’m a member of the Las Vegas Master Singers), oil painting and most recently, writing. My first novel, entitled Worthy, has been edited and is being beta read, so I’m edging ever closer to sending out query letters. My second novel is in it’s early gestation. I have had a few postings on Let’s Talk Nevada. Hope that helps! Judy

Say hi to her in the next meeting.