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David Bryant Perkins, author of Hitler’s Astrologer


David Bryant Perkins, author of Hitler’s Astrologer, 2014 Gold Medal Winner at the International Independent Film Awards and voted Best Screenplay at the Big Soda Film Festival, will be the guest speaker at the Henderson Writer’s Group meeting on December 8th, 2014 at 6:30 pm, in the Community Lutheran Church at 3750 E. Tropicana Ave. (just west of Sandhill Rd.) – admission is free.

Anyone interested in turning their idea or novel into a screenplay, or just interested on writing in general should not miss this opportunity. A hands-on workshop will also be held to illustrate how to use the latest script writing software.

For more information visit:­

Want to get the word out about your book?

OLLI-at-UNLV-LogoWant to get the word out about your book? Of course you do!!! Getting yourself invited to discussion or review groups is likely to pay big dividends and hone your skills as a presenter so you’ll be ready when the BIG opportunity comes your way.

There is a senior learning organization called, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, (OLLI for short) that is affiliated with UNLV. It has 1500 members that attend lectures on the UNLV Paradise Campus. An HWG member, Ray Katz has gotten OLLI to include a course for their Spring Semester (Jan. 30 – May 1) titled “The Writer’s Experience”. The lectures are structured to have one or two LOCAL authors read from their work and then participate in a Q&A session about their book(s) and the subject of writing. Questions can range from; How many hours a day do you work, to How did you get it published, to How did you create your characters? Anything related to writing is okay.

 What is better than being able to talk about your work in front of an interested audience?

Want to sign up for a speaking slot? Contact Ray Katz, 520-404-1705, with the following: Contact info, Title of work(s), Genre, When you are available.

HWG members are the first to be invited to speak and eleven have already signed up.

The lecture series is given every Friday, 9am to 10:45am, corner of Swenson and Tropicana. (free-easy parking)



Novels by K. Ray Katz

Available on Amazon and Kindle

“Down Under”

A novel of submarines at war and romance in far away places. World War II is about to start when Bill and Dusty meet in Cape Town. He tries to seduce her although she is the one who is ultimately in control of events. Once they part he is off to a dangerous mission in the Red Sea and then on to the Philippines in a partially disabled sub. After a harrowing trip through the Japanese blockade they meet again in a secluded cabin before taking a plane of dubious ancestry to her home in Australia. Once again Bill is off to war and is called upon to attack a Japanese task force with his survival in doubt.

Time – The Mafia, Big, Bad and Booming


Decorated over the spread of Time magazine on May 16, 1977, was the title, “The Mafia: Big, Bad and Booming.” For most perusers, this basically proclaimed an emotional report on the charming universe of sorted out wrongdoing; yet for Joseph “Joe” Bonpensiero, this flagged a family story weighed down with an excessive amount of individual stuff.

As the nephew, or niputi, of the notorious Frank Bompensiero, Joe grew up under the shadow of the Mafia. Furthermore despite the fact that Joe’s father, Sammy, had stayed far from his sibling Frank’s underhand dealings and rough slants, the entire family was viewed as spoiled by affiliation.

Front Cover

Find the genuine story behind the shadowy figure as you watch an executioner come to fruition through the eyes of his nephew. Disconnected from the blinding caring steadfastness his father feels, Joe can smell the fragrance of underhandedness when his uncle goes into a room. At the same time, inside the Sicilian esteem framework, by what method would he be able to love and admiration his father when he spurns his father’s sibling?

An unpredictable and real to life diary, Niputi offers a riveting sight into the clashed life of a whole family who endured on account of the activities of one.

Joe Bonpensiero brings life to a story that has affected his family in many ways.

Find his book at Amazon



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