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May Opportunities

The Las Vegas-Clark County Library District is busy this month. The branch at 9600 West Sahara will be hosting a 90-minute seminar by 5-5ime NY Times best selling author Nick Boothman. At this free seminar – yes, free – he’ll be giving away – yes, giving away – copies of his book “How to Write a Saleable Book.” You can register for your free tickets here: FREE TICKETS

Though she told us she was done, as a last act of defiance, Darliene has booked a speaker for May 18.

Lauren Stokes is the Virtual Library Manager for the Las Vegas-Clark Country Library District. She’ll be explaining current and future publishing options for indie authors, and how to market your self-published tome to libraries.

As some of us learned at Joan Stewart’s workshop at the conference, libraries buy the books they lend out. That means sales. That means royalties. So, dust off those notebooks and haul out those critique pens to take notes.



Endings and beginnings

Congrats and thanks to every member who helped make the 2015 conference the success it was. The end rolled around before we knew it. But what does an ending mean? It means it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work on the next one.

It also means it must be time to get back to the work of writing. Which includes sprucing up our work and submitting it. What better way to begin than with a Sledgehammer?

The 2015 Sledgehammer 36-hour Writing Contest has opened for submissions. This marks the eighth year for fun and games, and writing.  The actual contest takes place July 25 & 26. They’ll be awarding cash prizes to the best individual, team, youth, reader’s choice, and judge’s choice categories.

To read prior winning entries, and for more information: Sledgehammer

We have a Keynote Speaker

After a long, arduous search, Darrah and Gregory have managed to hogtie, er, I mean convince, Judith Briles to do our Keynote Address on Saturday evening.

That’s a big deal, in case you didn’t know. Because Judith is known as The Book Shepard. She’s not only authored 31 books, winning numerous awards she co-founded Mile High Press. And she knows a thing or three about putting the story together.

AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing is a podcast which is downloaded over 250,000 times per month. Each August, she presents Judith Briles Unplugged, a 3-day exclusive “happening” for authors who want to create and put their Book and Author GamePlan into action. In the winter, she delivers, one solid week of workshops and fun – on the high seas!

There are still several spots available to attend the conference. It’s your chance to rub elbows with agents, editors, publishers, and fellow writers from all over the globe. And, because conference attendance is deliberately kept low, we do mean rub elbows. You’re guaranteed face-time.

The conference also features workshops with a well-rounded faculty covering all sorts of topics important to the writer. You get to pitch your work at no extra charge; that alone makes this conference stand out above others. There’s also the First Page Panels, wherein faculty listens to random first pages submitted by attendees, and then critiques them to assist in making that all-important first impression, getting that hook where it needs to be.

Now, why would you not want to attend?

Conference excitement

We’re definitely feeling the love for the upcoming conference. Holy samolies! It’s less than a week away. Faculty member Alicia Dean is blogging about her excitement for the trip, the workshops she’ll be presenting, and meeting all the new people. You can read about it by clicking over to visit her website:

Alicia Dean: An Exciting Writer’s Conference in Las Vegas

One of her workshops will be ‘Common Writing Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them.’ Her website can help you, too, as she blogs a ‘Tuesday’s Two-Minute Writing Tips.’ Her latest one is about dialogue tags and how to keep the pace up, but still avoid those awful “talking heads.”

Two-Minute Tip

Looking forward to seeing you all at the conference.


Don’t forget

Don’t forget the Henderson Chamber of Commerce will be doing a ribbon cutting for our group. All members are encouraged to attend, if possible.

On Wednesday April 15, 2015 at 1:00 we will be having our official Ribbon cutting at the Henderson Chamber of Commerce. And, it’s a big deal. Really it is. The Chamber is located at 590 S. Boulder Hwy (Boulder at Major).

Tina – our intrepid publicist  –  would like a head count, so please RSVP by email to: We Look forward to seeing you there!

Website workshop

On Wednesday, April 22, fellow member Barbra Wolfe is presenting a workshop to teach you how to maximize the traffic to your website through Search Engine Optimization. Yes, it’s a day before the conference begins, but it’s a very worthy presentation if you have a website, or plan to have a website – and, as an author, you do, right?

Here’s a link to the website classes page: In House Marketing, LLC

Call for submissions

Two new opportunities to show off your writing skills:

Writers of Southern Nevada is once again teaming up with a visual artist. Submit your story (or stories) which can inspire the artist to create an artwork in the amount of time it takes to read the piece. The contest is open to all genre’s (except erotica). Four stories will be chosen and announced in May. Downloadable (pdf) press release has been attached.



Writer’s Digest 84th Annual Writing Competition early bird entry deadline is near. Screenplays and stage plays are among the categories this year. You may enter online or via snail mail. Log onto the website for submission details.

Link: WD 84th Writing Competition

The results are in

The results of last evening’s elections are as follows:

Gregory Kompes – President; Darrah Whitaker – Vice President; Toni Pacini – Conference Coordinator; Tina Willis – Publicity; Barbara Lloyd – Education Officer

Congratulations to all.

The new By-Laws were ratified.

Please remember that any organization is only as good as its members. The people elected to the Board of Directors cannot do it all. They need the help of the general membership. If there is something you think you can contribute, please offer your assistance. It would be greatly appreciated. Bear in mind you are not helping only the individual, you are helping the organization.

With that in mind: Darrah still needs volunteers to drive faculty members to and from the airport. You do not need to be attending the conference in order to help. What’s in it for you? One-on-one time with an agent or editor who could make all the difference in your writing career.

Prepare to impress

Don’t forget: Tonight marks the Annual Meeting and it’s time for elections. If you knew you couldn’t make it tonight, I hope you mailed in your Absentee Ballot.

Tonight also begins our preparation for the Conference. If you’re planning to attend the conference and pitch your work to any of the faculty, you will need a Synopsis of the work you’re presenting and a Bio. Toward helping you prepare, there will no standard reading; it’s all about the Bio and Synopsis. Be sure to bring plenty of copies – the more help you get in honing them, making them as tight as they can be, the better both you and your work will look.

It’s all about preparing to impress.