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Following The Still Small Voice Within

Austin Gary will be the speaker at our February 22 meeting at Community Lutheran Church. Gary’s new novel, A Delicate Dance, was published in December 2015 and received a 5-Star Clarion Review from Foreword Reviews, and was a finalist in the (novel-in-progress) for the 2014 Faulkner Wisdom competition, his fourth novel to receive this distinction. He’s also a two-time finalist for the IndieFab Award. His novels, Miss Madeira and Genius have both been adapted into plays.




Lyn Robertson steps up

As you may recall, due to some unknown difficulties, the church closed the evening that Lyn was to speak. Now, the originally scheduled speaker for Feb 8 has had to bow out. Lyn has graciously stepped up to the plate.

Self-proclaimed allegorical hit man, Lyn Robertson, will be at the Henderson Writers’ Group on Monday, February 8, 2016, for a short discussion on saving the editor and killing bad copy, or vice versa.

Lyn Robertson hacked into a career of art, history, and all things fascinating through a life of compulsive education and bibliomania. She has degrees in Creative Writing and Sociology, amongst others, with special interest in media and corporate communications and grammar policing. Lyn is a member of the Association of Writers and Writing Programs and the American Sociological Association. She has been active in various writing clubs, groups, and organizations across the country and written for several organizations and businesses nationwide.

Name that photo

Scott McIntyre has 140 untitled photographs in his online store and the contest is to help name them. Everyone who suggests a title for one or more of the images will be entered into a drawing to win an 8″ x 10″ print of their choice from my store and there will be five winners total. The photos needing names are in special galleries, which can be accessed from the contest rules page – – and the deadline for entering is March 31, 2016.
Hey, it’s writing…and good practice for coming up with titles for your own work.

Honoring Black History Month

Lloyd Center Barnes & Noble announce an upcoming lecture and book signing by diversity expert Devin James, Author of Inside Ferguson: A Voice for the Voiceless. The event will take place on Friday, February 12th, at 6 pm, to coincide with Black History Month.
 James’ book Inside Ferguson: A Voice for the Voiceless is up for several awards! The most recent nomination is from the North American Society for Social Philosophy’s 2015 book of the year award, offered to the book published in 2015 that makes the most significant contribution to social philosophy.
RSVP: Send your RSVP to There will be limited seating and autographed books so let the publisher know how many (plus yourself) will be in your party. I look forward to seeing you there! 


Bang It Outwrite

Editor-in-Chief, Jennifer Elrod, announces Bang It Outwrite, a new literary magazine that is currently accepting submissions.
They are creating their first literary issue. The magazine will include a wide variety
of writing, along with comics, photographs, and artwork. There is no fee associated with submitting. And those chosen to appear  magazine will get a full year free membership. Emerging writers are strongly encouraged.

To submit log onto: Bang It Outwrite

The dreaded query

Oh, that dreaded query! We all hate doing them. We fret, we sweat, we swear – well, I do. But, if we want representation, if we want to be traditionally published, pitching that query the right way improves our chances of avoiding the Slush Pile or, worse, the Round File.

Putting together a good query letter, with all the proper components, is the hardest writing any of us will ever do. But, there’s help; an App for that, as we say.

Head on over to Get Published Now for Agent Shark Tank, Molli Nichols’ wonderful new YouTube series. You can watch and learn. you can even get your own query package evaluated.

Here’s how it works: Use the submission form on the Agent Shark Tank Page, and submit your query, following her exact instructions. If your query is scheduled for on-camera evaluation, she’ll contact you for permission before placing it on the schedule.

With the upcoming LV Writer’s Conference, this is an excellent resource for preparing for those pitches with the agents and acquisition editors on this year’s faculty.

Annual Master’s Review

Every year The Masters Review opens submissions to produce their anthology, a collection of ten stories written by the best emerging writers. The aim is to showcase ten writers who they believe will continue to produce great work. Ten winners are nationally distributed in a printed book with their stories and essays exposed to top agents, editors, and authors across the country. This collection serves as a major endorsement for new writers.

Guest Judge Amy Hempel will determine the ten best stories (up to 7,000 words) for this year’s contest.

Entry fee of $20. Deadline: March 31.

For details and Guidelines log on: Master’s Review

New literary contest and site

Love is strange, love is beautiful, love is dangerous…
So says Sam Hiyate, one of the editors of a new literary website called Don’t Talk to Me About Love.
They hope that you will peruse the site and spread the word to fellow writers and friends about the debut contest, offering $1,000.00 each in fiction, non-fiction and poetry for pieces about love.
Submission deadline is Valentines day — just over a month away!)
Questions? Email him:
If you enjoy the site, he asks you to subscribe to the website (it’s free). You can also like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Hero House Publishing accepting submissions

Hero House is out of Charlotte, NC. and they are currently accepting submissions now through the end of February and would love to let everyone at the Henderson Writers Group know about this opportunity!
Hero House Publishing is a relatively small publishing house. Because of this, they’re able to offer our authors more creative control, a higher percentage, and all the benefits of a larger publishing house.
If you all are interested, please visit: Hero House Publishing
If you have any questions, Lauren Bordeaux, Director of Marketing is available to field them.
Lauren Bordeaux
Director of Marketing
Hero House Publishing
Southeast Psych Presents

Free webinar!

The Writer’s Digest Short Short Story Contest is upon us once more. This year there is added incentive:

Now, if you can wow them with fewer than 1,500 words, you score a free webinar in addition to the chance at the $3,000 and the trip to their New York conference. All you have to do is enter the contest by January 15. It’s that easy!

Tuesday February 23 | 2:00 PM EST
From Short Story to Story Collection: How to Craft a Collection of Short Fiction That Gets Published and Sells | Jacob M. Appel

Almost every short story writer dreams of publishing a first collection. Unfortunately, few prepare for that’s and publicity that do not rise to their full potential. The key to creating the blockbuster story collection is to lay the groundwork early, long before the author has a publishing contract or has even submitted the collection to editors. This webinar offers a primer  on steps on can take years in advance to ensure one’s future collection is a success.

Now, click the link and submit your story: Writer’s Digest