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Conference Prep

If you’re attending the Las Vegas Writers’ Conference (you are, aren’t you?) you’ll want to attend the first three Monday evening meeting at Community Lutheran Church, 6:30pm. We’ll be refreshing everyone’s memory about Log Lines, Elevator Pitches, and Synopsis, and then helping members with those items. Then, we’ll have practice pitch sessions.

These meetings are extremely helpful in preparing for pitching to the agents and acquisition editors at the conference. Practice builds confidence. Practice helps you present your best effort. Practice helps you look and sound like the professional writer those agents and editors are searching for.

And, HWG members will be voting on Board positions on Monday, April 3.

The dreaded query

Oh, that dreaded query! We all hate doing them. We fret, we sweat, we swear – well, I do. But, if we want representation, if we want to be traditionally published, pitching that query the right way improves our chances of avoiding the Slush Pile or, worse, the Round File.

Putting together a good query letter, with all the proper components, is the hardest writing any of us will ever do. But, there’s help; an App for that, as we say.

Head on over to Get Published Now for Agent Shark Tank, Molli Nichols’ wonderful new YouTube series. You can watch and learn. you can even get your own query package evaluated.

Here’s how it works: Use the submission form on the Agent Shark Tank Page, and submit your query, following her exact instructions. If your query is scheduled for on-camera evaluation, she’ll contact you for permission before placing it on the schedule.

With the upcoming LV Writer’s Conference, this is an excellent resource for preparing for those pitches with the agents and acquisition editors on this year’s faculty.

Prepare yourself for a conference

It’s never too early to start. In fact, if you’re writing you’re getting ready. But, according to “Flame to the moth,” the latest article by associate editor Meredith Quinn of The Writer magazine, agents Mark Gottlieb and Lane Heymont suggest you consider these “must-bring” items:

“Gottlieb: Pen, paper and one’s inner-muse.

Heymont: Business cards, professional attire (business casual works), a submission-ready manuscript and your A-game.”

Heymont’s reference to your game is an important one. In other words, be professional, show confidence but not cockiness. You should know your own work inside and out; able to answer any question quickly and succinctly. Have that 30-second elevator pitch down. The proposed cover blurb (short synopsis) should be tighter than the lug-nuts on your vehicle; ditch any word not needed.

That prep should also include donning a positive attitude and maintaining it not only for the benefit of your colleagues in attendance but for your own future as an author.

If, at the end of a pitch, the agent, editor, or publisher takes a pass, accept it graciously. Thank them for their time, tuck any suggestions they’ve made for improvement into your brain for rewrites (consider Gottlieb’s inner-muse reference), and leave with a smile on your face. After all, the conference is most likely still in gear; you don’t want to spend the remainder of the event trying to avoid him or her. And, you certainly don’t want the other agents to hear you pouted, or got angry and became sullen.  The publishing community is smaller than you may think, and word spreads – especially within the confines of a conference.

A conference should be a wonderful, free exchange of creative energy and ideas. Prepare. Then prepare to enjoy.


Hannah Smith talks about the 2014 LVWC

Heart and Soul

My name is Hannah Smith, New Adult High Fantasy author of “Heart and Soul of Srielrian”, first in it’s series. A little bit more about me is I’m a full time author and I have done a few local book signings and a book read. Been writing for seven years. In 2012 I graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with an Associate’s Degree in graphic design.

When I first came to the conference I didn’t know quite what to expect apart from what the website said, to my surprise it blew me away. I met a lot of great people and made a few friends. The sessions that I took were great and I learned a lot from every single one of them. My favorite out of them all was about using a screenplay formula while writing, it was inspiring, informative and perceptive. This conference was so fun and inspiring to me I plan to come back again next year.

Book Name : Heart and Soul of Srielrian
Her life torn asunder, highborn shield-maiden Farina Anlryn fights to reclaim the Srielrian throne and find the elusive Heart and Soul of Srielrian before the Demon Sorcerer does…or all might be lost.