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This radio show wants you

Aspects of Writing is looking for writers to be guests, sponsors, or co-hosts.

Aspects of Writing is a Las Vegas radio show designed to expose new projects and inspire those who have a desire to write, while at the same time offering guidance for those who have a work in progress. The purpose for the show is to create a format that offers the listener a shared experience with fellow writers from every aspect of writing; scripts, novels, magazine, newspaper, newsroom, etc.

There is a cost associated with joining in as they look to re-establish themselves and forge their way into a national market. With your help, the goal is possible.

To sign up and help, follow this link: Apsects of Writing, Indie Go-Go

We like free

Audrey Silverman, director of US Partnerships for Reedsy, announces a new free program called The Editor. Reedsy connects authors and publishers with the world’s best publishing professionals (the likes of Stephen King’s designer, Neil Gaiman’s editor, or Walter Isaacson’s publicist) to produce and commercialize high-quality books.  They won the Bookseller award for the best publishing startup of 2015.

Publishing is a scary world for a lot of writers, but Silverman says Reedsy provides them with the tools and resources they need to make independent publishing not only available, but easy.
They actually just released Book Editor this week. Months in development, it creates professionally typeset ebook files and print on demand pdfs–all in a matter of seconds, and all for free.
Give it a looksee, or test-run: REEDSY

The dreaded query

Oh, that dreaded query! We all hate doing them. We fret, we sweat, we swear – well, I do. But, if we want representation, if we want to be traditionally published, pitching that query the right way improves our chances of avoiding the Slush Pile or, worse, the Round File.

Putting together a good query letter, with all the proper components, is the hardest writing any of us will ever do. But, there’s help; an App for that, as we say.

Head on over to Get Published Now for Agent Shark Tank, Molli Nichols’ wonderful new YouTube series. You can watch and learn. you can even get your own query package evaluated.

Here’s how it works: Use the submission form on the Agent Shark Tank Page, and submit your query, following her exact instructions. If your query is scheduled for on-camera evaluation, she’ll contact you for permission before placing it on the schedule.

With the upcoming LV Writer’s Conference, this is an excellent resource for preparing for those pitches with the agents and acquisition editors on this year’s faculty.