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This radio show wants you

Aspects of Writing is looking for writers to be guests, sponsors, or co-hosts.

Aspects of Writing is a Las Vegas radio show designed to expose new projects and inspire those who have a desire to write, while at the same time offering guidance for those who have a work in progress. The purpose for the show is to create a format that offers the listener a shared experience with fellow writers from every aspect of writing; scripts, novels, magazine, newspaper, newsroom, etc.

There is a cost associated with joining in as they look to re-establish themselves and forge their way into a national market. With your help, the goal is possible.

To sign up and help, follow this link: Apsects of Writing, Indie Go-Go

Marketing workshop in Henderson

The Henderson Libraries are offering a Marketing & Publishing program in the Conference Room of  the Paseo Verde branch on May 20., from 2:00PM – 4:00PM.

Titled Advice & Insight for Writing & Publishing Success From Start to Finish, it will feature authors Roger DeBlanck and Jonathan Sturak as they share inspirational strategies and techniques to guide you through the writing process and the preparation of your manuscript.

They will also share their experiences about what to consider when choosing a publishing option for your book and what approaches have worked best to gain an audience and reach success as a writer.

Hit their website to register: Advice and Insight

The Ghoster



    We know that in Business, especially today, a STATIC website is useless. Your need your customer to stay and read the content and want to go patron your business. Your website is literally your Virtual Business Card. Here is where you explain, showcase, promote, and offer your products and/or services.

Don’t let your website be like so many other websites that you go to and are as sterile and uninformative that you lose interest in the first few seconds. It shows that someone took no time in setting it up and didn’t care enough about their company to make it good.

The world wide web is a very emotional experience to the person looking at it. This is where we see the world through. Websites need to be creative and enticing. Blogs need to be informative. Social Media needs to be fun and exciting. We take care of that for you. We literally Ghostwrite your website, blog, and social media so the world sees you at your best without seeing us.

Our Current Customers from the Henderson’s Writers Group
Contact Andres Fragoso, Jr. at The Ghoster for a free consultation.

Author Business Card

Business Card

Authors should have a business card handy at all times.  You never know when you will run in with a fellow writer, an agent, a publisher, or someone that will publish your books.  It is the cheapest and most effective way to advertise yourself. The Author. You are now responsible to get the word out that you write.

Make sure that you have key elements on your business card. There is nothing more annoying than getting a card with no information of the business or the person on it.

Key items

  • Name (yes, I have seen them without one)
  • Address (only if you have a PO box)
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Website (you need to get them here so they learn more about you.

Always carry them with you. Give them out at meetings, restaurants, while you’re waiting in line at the supermarket or movie theater, groups (especially HWG, you’ll never know what it may bring you), and anywhere you can think of.

Do some shopping around to see where you want to get them. Don’t go too wild with cost, and also don’t be too cheap.

Find a style that unique to your genre, or personality. Be creative and have fun. Just be careful, you don’t want the card background take away from the important part of the business card, YOU.

Next Week: The Back of the Business Card.