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Dime Grinds

That’s right. A dime. Ten little cents. You have that much in a penny jar in your closet, right?

A terrific new coop between literature and business has begun in town.  Henderson Writers Group teams up with CoCo Cafe in Town Square. Support for the business is support for the writer. Support for the writer is support for the business! We hope you’ll join us!

This month features Mathieu Cailler, author of Loss Angeles, and Lauren Tallman, author of How to Have an Affair and Not Get Caught.

At .10 a cup, how can you go wrong?

The Coffee House on Water Street

The Coffee House


You may not know. The Henderson’s Writers Group meets here every other Monday or so.

They have a great menu that no one can beat. Homemade cookies, brownies, and more. The atmosphere is eclectic and fun. The staff is more than helpful, they are excellent and exceed all expectations of Customer Services.

Breakfast and Lunch are their niche in food for the foodies. Ah. But don’t forget their array of coffees. Classics like the regular coffee or espresso base, exotics and of course teas and soda. Don’t forget to get a homemade brownie.

The Coffee House is very community minded. They have events all week long.

Monday nights – Henderson Writer’s Group

Tuesday – Young Poets Revolution

Wednesday – Comedy Night

Thursday – Regae Night

Friday – TGIF Open Mic Night

Saturday – Open Mic Night

Sunday – Check for details.

Come one, come all to have a great time.

The Coffee House on Water Street

117 S. Water Street

Henderson, NV 89015