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Book launch party

Alabama Blue BOOK LAUNCH PARTY! Saturday May 28, 2016 4:00 to 8:00 P.M.

P T’s GOLD Pub | 6570 S Buffalo Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89113

Toni will read brief excerpts from Alabama Blue throughout the event, and each guest will receive a raffle ticket for a drawing of Vintage books and glassware!

Four drawings – 5:00 ~ 6:00 ~ 7:00 ~ 8:00 P.M. One special door prize will be given at 8:00 P.M. Tickets for this drawing will only be given to people on the RSVP list.

PT’s Gold offers a spacious private room, plenty of parking, great food and drink, reasonable prices and super service. There’s a full lovely bar if you want to stay and party after the party!

RSVP to:  “Toni Pacini” at

Time – The Mafia, Big, Bad and Booming


Decorated over the spread of Time magazine on May 16, 1977, was the title, “The Mafia: Big, Bad and Booming.” For most perusers, this basically proclaimed an emotional report on the charming universe of sorted out wrongdoing; yet for Joseph “Joe” Bonpensiero, this flagged a family story weighed down with an excessive amount of individual stuff.

As the nephew, or niputi, of the notorious Frank Bompensiero, Joe grew up under the shadow of the Mafia. Furthermore despite the fact that Joe’s father, Sammy, had stayed far from his sibling Frank’s underhand dealings and rough slants, the entire family was viewed as spoiled by affiliation.

Front Cover

Find the genuine story behind the shadowy figure as you watch an executioner come to fruition through the eyes of his nephew. Disconnected from the blinding caring steadfastness his father feels, Joe can smell the fragrance of underhandedness when his uncle goes into a room. At the same time, inside the Sicilian esteem framework, by what method would he be able to love and admiration his father when he spurns his father’s sibling?

An unpredictable and real to life diary, Niputi offers a riveting sight into the clashed life of a whole family who endured on account of the activities of one.

Joe Bonpensiero brings life to a story that has affected his family in many ways.

Find his book at Amazon


Flying without a net

One woman’s review of one extraordinary man’s exceptional memoir.


FLYING WITHOUT A NET by, Vital Germaine.


Recently released, Vital Germaines memoir, Flying without a net, flew right into my heart and there remains, warming my soul.


Flying Without A Net “The true story of a boy who defies all odds and runs away with Cirque du Soleil” lays the author’s truth bare and allows the world to see his boo-boos, along with his amazing strength and beauty.


In Cirque du Soleil, Vital preformed gallantly through the pain. The pain of a childhood lost, no, more devastated than lost, as well as physical pain.


His greatest accomplishment may be that through his childhood, his manhood, and thousands of performances in the air, he did not quit. Vital never gave up. He was determined to fly, with or without a net.


Born in 1964 to an African mother and a Caucasian father, Vital’s life started amidst a raging civil war in the Belgium Congo. His family managed to escape when Vital was six months old. They later settled in London where his mother, a talented woman, took a job at the New Congolese Consulate. Instead of being proud of his wife, Vital’s father begrudged her success and became increasing jealous and controlling. Eventually dad ended up in jail and his mom’s drinking escalated. Vital and his siblings were lost children, abandoned and brokenhearted.


Vital held onto hope longer the rest. He was sure he would soon be reunited with his mom, whom he adored, he told himself that the seventies would be better than the sixties. Sadly there would be no family reunion, instead young Vital was placed in a home for children.


Vital excelled in school and made friends but continued to long for his mother, his family, his life. After several years in different homes, he’s shocked when his long gone father comes for him and hopeful that his chaotic life might be about to change for the better.


Instead, the years with his father and his father’s new family prove to be the most challenging years of this young man’s life. The years with his abusive father were life changing, filled with lies, racism and sad sick behavior.


Still, Vital Germaine held on and did not give up. Yes, he ended up, in the circus, but, truth be known, he was born into one. Cirque du Soleil gave Vital worth and the family he so desired and deserved.


Now, he gives a piece of his huge and courageous heart to each of us who read Flying Without A Net.” I realized after I sat my copy of Vital’s memoir down, having gluttonously devoured every page, every word, that as long as we don’t give up, as long as we hold onto hope, we are never without a net.


Hope is our net.

Thanks Vital for teaching me this life changing lesson. Now, Fly!

Toni Pacini – Albama Blue, you can find her at

 Flying Without a Net on Amazon




The Road to Publication: One Novel’s Bumpy Ride


An excerpt from the website of

The Road to Publication: One Novel’s Bumpy Ride

by LARRY BROOKS on APRIL 5, 2014

Today’s post is the story of a novel’s journey from inception to publication. 

This is an excerpt from my new ebook, “The Inner Life of Deadly Faux,” which I introduced (and offered… for FREE) in the post just prior to this one.  (You can get it here: PDF DF Inner Life.)

If you’ve published a novel, you’ll relate to this harrowing, nail-pulling tale.  If you haven’t, but want to… this is what it’s like for most of us.

This chapter is only one small part of a 114 page ebook that was written for the purpose of decontructing the underlying novel.  In other words, as a tool.

So if you read it and want to opt in to the free Ebook, you can just skip this and dive right into the workshop portion, which is in-depth and reflective of the Six Core Competencies and Six Realms of Story Physics models (without seeking to reintroduce or define them, that material resides in my two writing books, Story Engineering and Story Physics.)

More at Larry Brooks Storyfix Deconstruciton.

Word Magic for Writers


A concise guide to useful features of Microsoft Word for Windows and Mac for writers of fiction and non-fiction alike.

Don’t be a slave to Word, let Word slave for you. Word Magic for Writers walks you through the features of the program that allow you to write, format, and publish quicker, so you can focus on your stories, instead of technicalities. Topics include using styles to conform to the needs of self-publishing services, maximizing the power of built-in functions like replace or AutoCorrect, and formatting pages with proper headers and footers. Liberal sprinklings of detailed steps and tips for Word for Mac 2004 to 2011, Word for Windows 2003 to 2010, and an update for Word for Windows 2013, help you get the most out of your tools-of-the-trade.

What’s covered?

1. Word Basics
2. Styles
3. Automatic Writing
4. Fields
5. Page Setup
6. Editing
7. Final Formatting for print and ebook

 Warning: Not suitable as a doorstop.

Publication Date: Mar 28 2014

ISBN/EAN13: 1482689804 / 9781482689808

Page Count: 110

Binding Type:US Trade Paper

Trim Size: 8.5″ x 11″

Language: English

Color: Full Color

Related Categories: Computers / Desktop Applications / Word Processing


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Judy Logan’s Interview with


Book-club interview:  Jean Camilleri of Plymouth, MA, and her book-club members, invited and hosted Judy Shine Logan for a book-review and conversation on Judy’s recent novel: “Shelter Me: When friendship is all that remains.”

Prior to the event, Judy sent directive questions to the group to stimulate thoughts and facilitate conversations on the novel and its content: widowhood and domestic violence.

The group members were very lively and vocal, and many important insights and learning moments were shared by all.

At the end of the two hour meeting, and despite the serious topics that Shelter Me presents, everyone said they thoroughly enjoyed the time spent together. 

Judy Shine Logan

Writer’s Who Love Music



Amy Nelson President of a music website in Las Vegas is trying to find ambitious writers who love music and love writing about it.

The website’s tagline is “Positivity Through Music” so the goal is to support music with a positive message or vibe, and to also support musicians who are doing positive things in their community.

If you’re interested in contributing to the website. Please contact Amy Nelson for more information.

Interview with Renni


I had the delighted pleasure of Interviewing Renni.

How old were you when you first explored eroticism?

Perhaps it was when a Teacher taught me about my body, touching and pressing as he did, until my body tingled. But this was for education’s sake, you see. It could have been when a Young Woman touched me as we rode cross-country in a carriage. Yes, I remember now! It was when I worked for the Madam and Master, in a grand home. They used me for their pleasure at night, never allowing me to move or reciprocate. Yes, it was quite enticing. It makes me shiver, even today.

What are the dynamics of your family?

My childhood was fun, happy, blissful, and filled with love and caring. Mother sang to me and Father was my strength. Unfortunately my parents died when I was 13 and 14. I truly feel their love, tenderness, and stability gave me the power to set out on my own. They instilled a steadfastness in me. I also think this gave me fortitude to stand up to many unique experiences, with strength, courage, and hope.

 Do you have a special someone in your life? A best friend, or a very good lover.

When I purchased a mansion, my neighbour, the Scot, became a close companion and staunch ally. He helped me enter into the affluent community through a rather unusual introductory party. Of course, there was much touching but that is another story.

A lover? Oh my yes, my Dark Gypsy. He is grand, you know. Tall, cafe au lait colored skin, strong hands, and his eyes are round and the darkest brown. He had kidnapped me, initially. Oh yes, that’s true. But he fell in love with me. I think he was in awe of my innocence when I was first held captive in his cabin. He was my first true lover and the love of my life. We laugh when we think of how he made me sleep on silks, naked in front of the fire.

You started very poor, and now you’re extremely rich beyond comprehension. How did you manage that?

Some force made me turn to the Teacher who taught me to read about the world, and about my body. Due to this education, I went out to work. There I met and elderly of gentlemen. When I lost my position at work, he took me into his home. I did not know that he had willed everything he had to me, and had monies put into trusts, all in my name. Please understand, I had been kind to him and carried out his every wish. Some were rather odd, especially in bed, but he was so good to me. It was the least I could do.

I know you have traveled extensively. What is your favorite place.

How odd, I have traveled around the world. I have been with men and women of every color and race. I accepted their ways, tasted much of their lives, and kissed them goodbye. In the end, when I returned home, I was more content than anywhere else. The Dark Gypsy is in my bed, our dear neighbours meet us there at various times, and we give the most interesting parties!  Yes, home is by far the best.

What are your favorite sweets?

This must be toffee! This is a great sweet. As hard as it may be at first, if you hold it in your hand, it softens. You can run your lips over it, form it into any shape, and meanwhile relish in its flavour.


Who was your most unusual encounter?

Oh my, that must be the Medicine Man. During my travels around the world, I was on a ship with a black tribe. Their Chieftain did an unmentionable act with me and was shunned. I felt it was my fault and turned myself over to his Medicine Man, to absolve the Chieftain of this transgression. The Medicine Man put me through the rigours of pleasure and pain. Yes, I passed the intriguing test but was left with dark markings along the backs of my legs and higher. It was for the good. It saved the Chieftain’s life.

 Where do you see yourself in the future?

Ah, there is a secret. Yes, I have a secret and it will only be known in the future, in another story.


Andres Fragoso, Jr.


Lauren Tallman book Erotic Tales of Renni

The Perfect Notebook for Writers

for cafepress square


The Writer’s Sidekick Notebooks are designed for beginning and advance writers, that have a hard time keeping their notes in one placed. Each one is specifically designed to hold ideas, thoughts, and notes in a specific order and in an easy fill-in-the-blank format for whatever project you are currently working on. These notebooks are easy to use, they are written in a step-by-step format from the start of your idea to getting it published.

The Writer’s Sidekick Series provides sections to complete your craft. Each section is divided to help you with concept, title, plots, characters and more. As well as chapter outline by acts to help create your story. You also have sections where you create your biography, synopsis, critique, editing, and submissions. We did not forget about the front, back cover, or if you decide to submit to a publishing house, we help you with your query and submission. On the other hand, if you go through self-publishing we have a section for that as well.

By Andres Fragoso, Jr.