Our Members

Members of the Henderson Writers’ Group are not only accomplished writers, but have many talents.  If you need a speaker for your group, event, conference, or convention the members of the Henderson Writers Group may be able to help.

For more information about a topic or speakers, please contact us.

Some of our Members

Alba Arango, Author

Alba Arango is a secondary school teacher of twenty-four years. With Bachelor’s degrees in both Education and History, a Master’s degree in American History, and an Associate’s degree in Creative Writing, Alba enjoys the telling of a good story and has decided to turn her attention and talents to the writing of middle grade fiction and short stories. She has multiple short stories published in anthologies and online, and her two middle grade fiction series, The Decoders series and JJ Bennett: Junior Spy series, are available in paperback and electronic form. She lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she loves the hot, desert weather (yes, it’s hot…but it’s a DRY heat), coffee (preferably with white chocolate or salted caramel), and chocolate (any variety, any form).

Paul Atreides, Author, Playwright

Paul Atreides is an author and playwright. He has an extensive 30+-year background in theatre and has written for a variety of periodicals, penned a monthly theatre column for Las Vegas Night Beat, has been a guest columnist and is currently a theatre critic for the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Davenport Theatrical of New York City described his first play, Phallusies, as “very clever, funny, and meaningful.” It opened to good reviews and garnered Pick of the Week by Las Vegas City Life. New York City’s 9-11 Museum collections team described his ten-minute play, Fusion, as “a very powerful piece that is indeed thought-provoking and magnificently written,” and it has been posted to their website Artist’s Portfolios in written form until it can be filmed for future exhibition. His debut novel, (Marvin’s) World of Deadheads, which advanced to the semi-finals of the Amazon Breakout Novel Award contest, is now available in both print and Kindle editions on Amazon.com. His short stories have been published in various anthologies and a tiny collection, 5:4:99, has been published exclusively for Kindle. He is currently working on Sins of the Fathers, a new drama for the stage, a novel about domestic violence titled Monster in the Shadows, a collection of short stories about the human condition titled Voices From the Dead, and a World of Deadheads sequel. For more information and to follow his blog, log onto his website: www.paul-atreides.com

Audrey Balzart, Author

Audrey Balzart, a retired Air Force communications planner, writes YA, science fiction, and fantasy under her maiden name — A.L. Campbell. Her sci-fi short story, The Selection, is published in HWG’s own Writer’s Bloc III. The Round Up, a fantasy short story can be found in Nightfall Publications’ A World of Their Own. She is currently working on The Gift of Ancestors, her first novel in the young adult AJ Silver MisAdventure series.

Darlien C. Breeze, Author

A native Californian now living in Las Vegas, Darlien C. Breeze grew up on a copper and gold mine located several miles into the hills from the Colorado River where fresh meat consisted of game drilled by her crack-shot grandmother. This unique upbringing was followed by occupations as schoolteacher, real estate agent, beauty salon and Import/Export owner. Her publications include a children’s novel, Small Pony, Import/Export and You, a textbook plus many short stories. Her latest publications include Ghosts & Gamblers of Las Vegas, A Life of Crime and Crusin’ for Crime the last of that series, A Twist in Crime is due for publication in 2013 by Ink and Quill. Her latest novel, Code Snapdragon, is now being edited. POWER WORDS & ACTION VERBS has just been printed.

Douglas A. Davy

To Douglas A Davy, born on a wheat farm in North Dakota,  science fiction and his visual energy perceptions seemed perfectly natural. Douglas trained his public lecturing skills with a B.A. in Drama and English, then continued  independent studies focused on parapsychology, meditation, life after death, ancient cultures, religions, human energy work, and an encyclopedic array of metaphysical knowledge and experience. His writings seek to stretch human perceptions of conspiracy theory,  planetary changes, and unexplained phenomena of the Seen and Unseen.

Irma Dutch

1. I am not a writer.
2. I am a Henderson Writers Group “groupie” for now.
3. I am old in chronology as a widow of 24 years after a 40 year successful marriage.
4 I am young in spirit, inquisitiveness, ideas, friendliness, activities and open mindedness.
5. I am a slow learner.
6. One day I will read to this group something that I write.
6. Born in Boston.
7. Not rich in money.
8. I also belong to: Early Music Las Vegas, Las Vegas Atheists, Las Vegas Ukulele Group and I play bridge about twice a week.
9. I have ideas that are simmering and some little ideas for living.

Howie Erickson

Howie Erickson graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a Masters Degree in Computer Automation. He worked in Canada, the United States, Malaysia, Borneo and Yemen. He currently lives in Calgary with his wife Lorraine and their dog, Sophie.

He has been actively involved in the Calgary writing community for a number of years and recently served on the board of the Alexandra Writer’s’ Centre Society, a society that provides training and support for Calgary writers. He has short story Intentions scheduled for publication in an upcoming issue of OnSpec Magazine and a novel The Bloodline Artifacts which will be published in 2014. Website howieerickson.com

Andres Fragoso, Jr.

Andres is innovative, strong, creative, and full of surprises. His unique writing style and subject matter are an expression of his innermost wishes, hopes, dreams, goals, and sometimes secrets. Each one of his aspects holds a unique feel to life. His struggles to keep his life balanced are only fortified by the love of his family that supports his eccentricities. Pull up a chair, get comfortable, and go through his website. Enjoy his poems, read his writing, and get a giggle from his blogs. You will have fun and you will be glad you did. Enjoy.

Sid Goodman, Author

Sid Goodman retired to Las Vegas after 40 plus years in the aerospace and high-tech Plastics fields. As part of retirement he writes short stories, memoirs and other fiction. He has published four short stories, three in Henderson Writers’ Group’s Writer’s Bloc II, III and IV and one in Patchwork Path’s Dad’s Bow Tie. His first children’s book, Grandpa’s Unfatootzer came out in May 2009. Sid was Librarian/Historian on the board of HWG and has participated in many outreach efforts including school readings, panels and conferences.

Before retirement Sid taught graduate courses on Plastics at the University of Southern California for over 25 years and is listed in Who’s Who in Plastics & Polymers. He published three major reference texts — Plastics Materials and Processes and two editions of Handbook of Thermoset Resins, “Plastics Processes,” in the McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology, as well as numerous technical articles. A third edition of Handbook of Thermoset Resins is in preparation.

Ava Gutierrez- Overstreet

A native of Havana, Cuba Ms. Gutierrez- Overstreet has a strong background in international public relations and marketing. She began her career as a journalist with the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner, where she won a national Hearst Award for a five-part series on single parents. She became Public Relations Assistant Director for the California State Museum of Science and Industry, where she started a food and wine society. Ms. Gutierrez -Overstreet married wine personality, Dennis Overstreet, and co-authored “Wine Secrets” — published by Grosset and Dunlap, chosen “Best Wine Book of the Year” by the International Food and Wine Society. After divorcing Overstreet, she was offered a position with Bozell International in Dallas, Texas where she developed the first Hispanic advertising and media campaign for Greyhound Bus Lines and other major accounts. Hired to work on the national AT&T Hispanic account by Bermudez and Associates, she was hired away by AT&T International, handling AT&T exhibits, events and publications to customers and employees in Latin America and Sub-Sahara Africa. In the past decade, Ms. Gutierrez-Overstreet has been a Public Information Officer for both the City of Los Angeles and the County of Los Angeles, specifically dealing with cultural affairs and issues regarding human relations. She’s currently developing a historical novel on Cuba as seen through the eyes of the women in her family tree, and enjoying a life of ease in Henderson, Nevada.

Leslie Hoffman, Writer, Editor

Leslie E. Hoffman began her writing career in the ’60s while working after school and summers at The Saratoga News, Saratoga, California. Sherman Miller, publisher of the weekly newspaper and former reporter for The San Francisco Examiner, gave Leslie her first opportunity for publication. Dividing her time between San Jose, CA and Las Vegas, NV, Leslie now works as an independent copy editor of fiction and non-fiction while moonlighting as a poet. Poetry publication credits include: HWG’s Writer’s Bloc; NSC’s 300 Days of Sun; MUSED, BellaOnline Literary Review; The California Writers Club Literary Review; Third Thursdays, The Willow Glen Poetry Project; and Caesura, The Journal of Poetry Center San Jose. Contact Leslie at lesliehoffman@hotmail.com.

K. Ray Katz, Author

Writing allows us to design the world according to our own rules. Since I retired I have written four novels: two adventures in the South Pacific during WW II with a third one almost finished, and two involving international politics, terrorists and money laundering in China and Russia. I have lived and worked in New York, Washington, D.C., Mexico and Tucson, as well as in a number of other countries as a Special Agent for Army Counter-Intelligence. These experiences have fueled my desire to create stories filled with hope and a little humor, tempered by the world as it really is. kraykatz@aol.com

Gregory Kompes, Author, Teacher

In addition to being a psychic intuitive and a conscious channel for nonphysical entities, Gregory A. Kompes co-hosts the Writer’s Pen and Grill, a social evening for writers held monthly in Las Vegas, co-founded Laudably Tarnished, A Poetry Workshop, and has authored Suddenly Psychic: Core Messages to Enhance your Psychic Journey, Message from The Three Sisters, Volume 1 & Volume 2, the novels Flash Mob and First Dimension, the bestselling 50 Fabulous Gay-Friendly Places to Live, as well as the Writer’s Series that includes: Endorsement Quest, Creating Your Online Media Kit, and Should You Write an eBook. He has also penned hundreds of articles on writing, travel, dogs, and psychic abilities and is included in a dozen anthologies, among them Chicken Soup for the Soul: What I Learned from the Dog. Gregory holds a BA in English Literature from Columbia University, New York, a Certificate in Online Teaching and Learning, and an MS Ed. from California State University, East Bay.

Patricia Kranish

In 1995, the film post-production company where I had worked for nineteen years closed. One of my deepest interests at the time was the study of early man, as far back as Australopithicus through archaic Homo sapiens and Neanderthals. I loved the arguments: were we, at least a little bit, Neanderthal; was Lucy an ape who just walked funny; who ate what, and where and whom? After the company closed, I got a job in a communications company near Wall Street, which gave me more time to get into my hobby (okay, obsession). But after three years, I decided to follow my first love, teaching English. Back to school to complete my Master’s degree, and teaching full time, didn’t allow me the luxury of writing for the sheer fun of it—until I retired in 2008. I pulled out cartons of yellowing articles and notes, along with over 100 pages of the first draft of a novel set in the Ice Age. Overwhelmed, I put the fusty material in a corner of my garage.

Last year, thanks to a now-defunct program at UNLV, I joined a creative writing class. Encouraged by the mostly positive feedback, I’ve been working on the novel, titled Wind. My goal is to get the manuscript into publishable form by the end of 2011, and maybe create the same curiosity in a reader or two that compelled me to write it.

Judy Logan

Judy Logan is an accomplished writer, public speaker, and Masters level educator, who designed technical training programs for healthcare for many years until her retirement in June 2013. She is also a published fiction author of four short stories and is looking forward to seeing her first novel, SHELTER ME in print in October, 2013. Judy relocated from New Hampshire to Vegas in 2010 with her feral cat Pretty Girl, and although she loves the desert, she misses the ocean something wicked!

Gayle Nathan

As a criminal and family law attorney of some 28 years in Las Vegas, Gayle Nathan won’t run out of stories to write any time soon. She published “Bad Timing In Vegas “ in 2014 and its’ sequel, “Thirty Days in Vegas” will be out in 2016. She has published several articles in Nevada magazines and produced the video, “Putting Your Best Foot Forward in Family Court”, a tutorial for litigants representing themselves in court. Gayle is also an artist, showing her work in several Las Vegas Galleries. She is a member of the Henderson Writer=s Group and the Las Vegas Artist Guild. You can find her on LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter, CityoftheWorldLasVegas.org and LasVegasMediation.org.

Fred Rayworth

Fred Rayworth writes in genres including science fiction, icky bug (horror), adventure/thriller, autobiographical and fantasy. Several of his short stories made it to publication (available on Amazon), from icky bug to fantasy to autobiographical. His first fantasy novel, Treasure Of The Umbrunna went live in November, 2015. He writes a weekly autobiographical article for the Sunday edition of the Let’s Talk Nevada web site, has published non-fiction articles on amateur astronomy, co-founded and edits the Observer’s Challenge for the Las Vegas Astronomical Society. When not writing, he can be found either making something from wood in his garage or out under a dark sky pursuing faint fuzzy objects with his telescope. You can read his writing tips and other adventures at www.fredrayworth.com

Donald Riggio

Donald Riggio is the published author of several works of short fiction as well as magazine articles and features. His short story “Those Oldies but Goodies” is included in the latest HWG anthology “Writers Bloc III.” His first novel “Seven-Inch Vinyl: A Rock and Roll Novel” was published in February 2011 and is available at most online booksellers. He is currently writing the sequel “Beyond Vinyl.”

Nancy Sansone

Nancy Sansone based her current working novel, Calling Her Name, on her experience in the gaming industry. Several of her short stories have been published in anthologies. She is a co-editor and co-coordinator of Skirts that Swept the Desert Floor, snwhp.com. She’s a member of Henderson Writers Group, Shared Writers Group and Sisters in Crime. Contact her at lvlady@cox.net

Lauren Tallman, Author

I was once told, “Watch people, they give themselves away.” A 20 year study of people, focusing on their mistakes when trying to camouflage an affair, formed the base for my book. For several years I was a member of an English speakers writing group in Israel. It was there that I received constructive critique and advice from international writers. Since settling back in the States with my family, I joined the Henderson Writers Group. “How To Have An Affair And Not Get Caught” is being sold in several stores across Las Vegas, and has reached book lovers in Europe. Presently finishing an erotic novel, I still have time to lecture about affairs, always stating my favorite catch line, “Be responsible or get out of bed.”

Jeffrey S. Trosin, Author

Jeff joined the Henderson Writers’ Group around November, 2014. As a casino dealer of over 15 years and many stories from his career, he is writing his first novel in a series entitled The Other Side of the Table (Break-In). The forecasted publication is on or around Memorial Day, 2016. He is currently writing the second of what will be two, probably three novels in the series. For more information, visit www.dlrstories.com

Glory Wade

Glory Wade writes in various genres. Her published credentials include short stories, articles on her pet website at www.petstoreshop4u.com, a chapter in the Professional Meeting Management textbook, and newsletter articles. She is editing her first novel, Ashes to Diamonds, Dust to Dust. Contact email: glorywadewriter@gmail.com

Bill Walles, Author

Bill Walles writes mainstream novels pairing well-developed characters with dynamic plots. He believes fiction nears the truth when individuals scramble from the pressures that crush lives. Bill endured forty years of non-profit management and an unsuccessful entrepreneurial career launched during the Great Recession. A semi-tired resident of Henderson, NV, he attends the Henderson Writers Group, freelances, edits, and coaches writers. His novel, All About the Money, will be published in 2014

Darrah Whitaker, Author & Screenwriter

Darrah Whitaker has written five screenplays, one which was produced and another optioned. His short stories have been published in the Writers Bloc III, IV, and V anthologies. He is a member of the International Thriller Writers as well as the Henderson Writers Group in Las Vegas, Nevada serving on its Board of Directors. His first novel, My Life as a Sperm, takes on notions of God and destiny in a most unusual way. He lives in Las Vegas where, despite the myriad temptations, he still finds time to write.

Christina Willis-Lane, Author

Christina Willis is an Award winning Poet and Author, Entrepreneur, and Investor. A mother of five and a grandmother, spending time with her family is her greatest joy. She grew up in Central Point, Oregon and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, where she currently resides with her family. Founded in 2007, JB Blakely, LLC., is an umbrella for all of her publishing products and business entities. Her children’s book series Baja Brody’s Adventures, keeps her time meticulously divided, working diligently to continue creating her brands. As the founder and co-creator of the whimsical website www.2brainyblondes.com (under construction.) A community in development of friends and family is being created to encourage some humorous writing for compilation books. Her most recent muse and newest release, the Basic Writer app found at www.basicwriter.com and at Apple iTunes and the Apple app store has quickly become a writer’s staple. An active member of the Henderson Writers’ Group, Christina holds the Publicity Officers chair, she handles all advertising and publicity for both the group and The Las Vegas Writer’s Conference. With limited spare time Christina enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading most genres, some of her favorites include memoirs, children’s stories, inspirational and educational books. Spending time freelance writing and traveling.